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LAND 4 HOMES Chartered Surveyors Land Agents


what we do

Below is a step-by-step guide as to what we do and how we work in order to ensure you obtain the best price for your land. Click on each heading for more information.

step 1: pre instruction

Before you commit to anything we'll find out if you can get planning permission. We work out how this might be best achieved. We tell you what you can realistically expect your land to sell for.

We look at the site. (There are car mechanics that will look under the bonnet before they give you a quote and those that don't. Enough said).

We consider and tell you about any physical or technical constraints to development. (If it's a lemon, better to find out sooner rather than later).

We give you our view as to whether planning permission might be obtained and for what sort of development. (Not all land is suitable for residential development no matter what some people may tell you).

We explain the different ways of getting planning permission. (We make sure you avoid any potential pitfalls).

We demonstrate the potential development value of the land often by reference to the long list of other sites we have sold. (A kind of economic weather forecast. Only we like to think we can be more accurate than the Met Office).

We explain the different ways of selling your land in order to get the best value. (In most, but not all cases, we prefer to do this by competitive tender).

We give you our Terms of Business so that you can read about the standards to which we work, what we do, how much we charge and when we would expect payment. (No small print).

step 2: post instruction

We agree on a strategy to get the best price for your land. We work to achieve that strategy. We keep you informed every step of the way.

We ask you to sign a simple Terms of Business, instructing us to act on your behalf. (Two pages in length and no gobbledygook).

We prepare Sale Details - these can include plans, technical reports and planning documents which builders and developers need in order to prepare and submit an offer. The Sale Details also contain the terms to which all offers must comply. (A case of making sure all the offers can be compared on a like for like basis).

We agree these Sale Details with you and the method for marketing your land before sending those details out to our database of builders and developers. (We will always keep you informed every step of the way).

We usually set a date for offers to be received. (Avoids buyers dragging their feet).

We send you all the offers, discuss them with you, answer any questions you might have and give you background information about those who have bid - their track record, funding and ability to deal with the planning and technical issues associated with your land. (Sorts the wheat from the chaff).

We prepare Heads of Terms, which in plain, simple language set out all the terms under which you are willing to sell your land including the price and conditions the buyer has to comply with, once agreed. (Important that everyone knows what they have agreed to before incurring expensive solicitors' costs).

We submit the Heads of Terms to your solicitor so that they can raise any legal or other questions before preparing a draft agreement. (Saves time and cost later).

We monitor all legal work and any due diligence the buyer has to undertake prior to exchange of contracts. This can include carrying out technical investigations and resolving any technical and planning matters that might arise. (We never take our eye off the ball).

The buyer may identify additional costs arising from technical enquiries and seek a price reduction. We advise as to whether these are correct and reasonable or not. (It's in our interest to make sure you get the best price. If anyone is trying to pull a fast one you'll be the first to know about it).

We monitor any planning application and advise on what if any planning conditions or legal obligations (affordable housing, commuted sum payments etc) are reasonable, the effect on the sale and how to deal with these. (We convert this jargon into simple English).

We see your land sale through to the point where the money arrives in your account.